Age Verification Plugins for WordPress

Age Verification Plugins for WordPress

In this post we are going to talk about how to add an age verification plugins for WordPress, we are going to talk about the best ones.

Our business may need an age verification, because we have a blog where we talk about wine, for example.

Also if we have a store where we sell products for vaping, we will need this type of action.

Not in all countries is age verification mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt to avoid problems, and it doesn’t take too long to do so.

We show you the most used plugins, they are simple, and necessary, to avoid legal problems.



AgeVerify is a free plugin for WordPress, although it has a premium version.

We have control over how, where and when, in addition to the frequency with which we want the verification to appear.

With this plugin we can delimit the access to the contents that we choose, or the time that we want for the verification to be carried out again.

Obviously we customize the message that we want to appear in the age verification window, but with the style of the plugin.

If we want our own style we have to add CSS, so we will get the closest thing to the theme we are using.

Age Gate

Age Gate plugin WordPress

Age Gate is a completely free age verification plugin that allows you custom settings.

One of the most important features, and a very strong point in its favor, is the ability to exclude bots and trackers so that they do not enter our site.

We can also restrict only the content of our site that we want, and in the registration forms.

It gives us the option to choose whether we want the visitor to enter their age to access, or simply ask if they are of legal age with a simple “Yes / No” button.

We can redirect to a specific URL, we can also add legal notifications to the welcome page, plus other features to create a verification page that meets the requirements.

Personalization is important, so we can add our logo to the verification form.

If we want to bypass the cache plugin of its host, Age Gate offers us the possibility to change to a JavaScript version.

Age Checker

Age Checker plugin WordPress

Age Checker is a premium WordPress plugin with some pretty cool features.

Among those characteristics, we have the possibility to choose the frequency with which a user is asked to re-enter their age.

Also three types of age verification and custom visual options. We change the date format and we have a preview of the changes.

It also offers background colors, or image, video.

We can redirect users, we can change texts, protect our SEO from bots and trackers, and many more features.

The basic version costs $18.

Age Verifier

Age Verifier plugin WordPress

Age Verifier is another premium age verification plugin for WordPress.

The strong point of this plugin is the design, and only the design, it has some very good designs, and we can modify our age verification window with a visual generator.

We can also add animation effects when displaying our verification window.

Like the other plugins in the list, we can choose different verification methods, as well as how long the cookie expires.

The only thing that stands out from the rest of the plugins as we have seen, is the ability to customize the verification window.

The plugin is priced at $18.

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