Benefits of the Affiliate Program

Benefits of the Affiliate Program
Today we are going to talk about the benefits of the affiliate program, a practice that is known to many, but used by few.

We don’t know what an affiliate program is? It is simply giving third parties a series of links so that their visitors can access our products from their affiliate website.

Depending on the platform we use, we can add an plugin in our WordPress installation, or if we use, for example, Squarespace, there are companies that do the work for us.

How does an affiliate program work?

It’s very simple, once an user signs up for the program, they are assigned a code, this code is automatically added to their product URL. Normally, when the affiliate enters your affiliate menu, this URL already contains the code, and they just need to copy and paste it on their page.

If, for example, the URL of one of your products is “”, the affiliate will get “

This code AF_0123, is the one that the system assigns automatically, it is the URL that you will put on your website, and when a user clicks on this link, they will enter our product page, the client will not see that code, but the system will know that you have accessed through an affiliate URL, and if the purchase is made, you will be assigned a commission on the sale price.

Incentivize our affiliates

As we have seen, a client has accessed our product through an affiliate’s website and has made a purchase, our affiliate earns a commission, normally this commission is greater than 20%, we can even find websites where they pay 50% of commission.

If, for example, we have put a 25% commission on our website, and a purchase of a product that costs $50 is made through an affiliate link, our affiliate will be paid a commission of 12.50%.

The higher the commission, the more attractive it will be to potential affiliates.

Take good care of your affiliates

Now we are going to talk about an issue that creates controversy. When are we going to pay our affiliates?

This topic may seem unimportant, but along with the commission percentage, it can make any potential prospective affiliate not wanting to be part of our program.

Most companies pay when the affiliate reaches $40-50, although it depends on the price of the product and the percentage that the affiliate earns. Some companies only pay when the affiliate accumulates $100-200. This practice demoralizes potential affiliates.

One tip, so that we are more attractive to our affiliates, the ideal is to pay the first day of the month, regardless of the money accumulated by the affiliate, $10 or $70.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is worth it, it gives us much more visibility. If, for example, we have 100 visits a day, we will not be very influential on the internet, and Google search engines will not place us in the first positions.

Now we are going to suppose that we have 50 affiliates, each of those affiliates have an average of 100 visits, and of those 100 visits 20 access our website, we will have 1000 more visits per day, this will position us much better, and yes of those 1000 visits, we get 2% to buy, we will have 20 purchases.

All are advantages, without disadvantages, and we will not have to do anything.

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