Best Voice Message Plugins for WordPress

Best Voice Message Plugins for WordPress

Customer service is a vital part of the website, it can make your business positive or negative.

In terms of high competition, it is necessary to establish comfortable and fast communication between customers and the company, and build trust.

Today customers want to receive personalized attention from a company, requires a quick response and quick communications with the service provider.

Voice messages can be the solution. WordPress has a series of plugins that will help us in this case.

These plugins give us the option to speak to each other directly through our website.

In this post today we are really only going to talk about two plugins, since over time, many have been disappearing.

In this list you will not see plugins such as Pipe, Twilio, SpeakPipe or Audio Comments, which were the most popular, they have not been updated for years.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that these types of plugins are no longer used, or that they were a passing fad, but it is always interesting to have the possibility of implementing this type of plugins.

Joy Of Text Lite

Joy Of Text Lite WordPress Plugin

Joy Of Text is a free WordPress plugin that will allow us to use a chat, also send text and voice messages, also text to voice, to a user or a group, since it allows us to easily create groups.

It allows us to add or delete members in a very simple way. We can create a group for all visitors and allow administrators to manage users in this group.

We can select the language preference for text to speech messages. The plugin will take care of converting the message to the client’s language.

It has a good integration with WooCommerce, we can communicate with our clients through voice messages, customizing the messages using labels for the client’s username for example.


Heyoya WordPress Plugin

Heyoya is a free WordPress plugin, from which our visitors can express an opinion in a fun and interactive way, being able to leave voice notes in the comments section of our blog.

Heyoya displays an unlimited variety of voice comments on our website, this fun and interactive feature helps increase engagement from our readers.

This characteristic increases the participation of our visitors, which will help us and improve the SEO positioning of our site.

We also have the possibility of being able to share these voice messages through our social networks.

If you have not created your website yet, you may be interested Create Your Website With WordPress.

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