Create Your Website With WordPress

Create Your Website With WordPress

To Start With

Have you always wanted to create your own WordPress website? Have you always wanted to create your blog? You don’t know how to do it?
Well, we will explain everything you need to create your first website, your first blog, to make yourself known to the world. Where to create your website, hosting, domains, the most economical way.

Why Most People Use WordPress

There are several ways to set up your own website, but the most popular, by far, is WordPress, which is going to be the platform we are going to focus on, for obvious reasons.

If you wonder why we are so confident in this statement, look at the chart.

distribution for websites using cms technologies
top cms usage

In addition to being the most used platform, a great incentive is that it is free.

Creating Your Website

Now let’s start with the steps to take to create our website.
1.- Choose the platform, in this case, we have clearly opted for WordPress.

2.- Now we are going to choose a hosting. A hosting is a service that connects your site to the internet. In this post, we are going to focus on SiteGround, a hosting service that offers us a great quality of service, speed and simplicity, with competitive prices. of the best we have tried.

3.- Now you are going to have to think about a domain name for your website. It is best that the name is related to the activity that you are going to develop, for example, if you are going to create a blog about decoration, use words made. It will be the web address.

4.- Choose a template. We have different types of templates, in addition to frameworks such as genesis, or child themes themes such as Divi.

The vast majority of hosting have a free domain included in all their plans for one year, so you will save the first year of domain. If you are going to start from scratch, it is best to choose the cheapest plan, it will cover your needs.

In this blog we will create our website using, we will continue step by step.

The first thing we are going to do is choose the plataform that best suits our needs.

create siteground account step 1

Once the platform is chosen, we will now select the plan.

create siteground account step 2

In the following image we can see the difference between the 3 plans that you can currently hire SiteGround, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

siteground plans

Now that we have the plan, let’s go to the next step. This step is the same in the vast majority of hostings, it takes us to a screen where we have two options:

– Register a new domain. In this case, we have thought the domain, but we have not bought it yet. In SiteGround, sometimes, depending on the offers or the plan chosen, they could give you the first year of your domain, and you can register it from this screen. In case the domain exists, it will notify you, or give you options.
Once you have entered the domain you want and it is not in use, we will continue to the next screen.

– I already have a domain. In this case, we have already bought the domain, and we will only have to enter it. We can find several websites websites where you can buy a domain, the most recognized are and namecheap.

Find a great domain for a great price at for only $9.95/yr.

create siteground account step 3

The last step is to fill in your information to complete the registration.

create siteground account step 4

If you want to create a website on SiteGroung you can click HERE.

Install WordPress In cPanel

Nowadays it is very easy to install a WordPress in cPanel, you just have to find the applications to install, you can see that there are many applications to install, the one that interests us, you just have to click on the WordPress icon.

install wordpress in cpanel step 1

We will enter the next screen, where we can find an “Install” button.

install wordpress in cpanel step 2

We are going to follow the steps to be able to install the WordPress:

Note: Keep in mind that, although the vast majority of cPanel hosting servers are similar, you can find some difference, but ultimately, they are little different from each other.

  • Choose WordPress Version
  • Choose Installation URL
  • Site Name
  • Site Description
  • Enable Multisite
  • Admin Username
  • Admin Password
  • Admin Email
  • Select Languaje

After these options, we will find others like, choose if you want to install some type of security plugin, advanced options …
Then, click on install.

install wordpress in cpanel step 3

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