How To Add A Countdown Timer In WordPress

How To Add A Countdown Timer In WordPress

You may have never used a countdown timer, because you have never needed it, or it may be because it had not occurred to you to use it. Ok, we are gonna add a countdown timer in WordPress.

Maybe you wonder in what circumstances to use a countdown timer, well, there can be several cases, we are going to explain in this article some of the situations in which it would be beneficial to use it.

An upcoming event. You are going to hold an event on your website, since you are dedicated to creating tutorials, and you are going to launch one soon, for example, or maybe you have an online store and you are going to launch a new product, or hold a conference.

In this couple of cases, as in others that you can think of, put a countdown timer to create a show, and let your visitors know how much time is left for your event.

Maintenance page. Maybe you are tired of the style of your website and you want it to change, or you are going to add important content, or your website has a problem and is not online.

While you finish your new design, finish adding content, or solve errors, or solve the problems that have caused your site to fall, it is ideal, for your regular visitors, or for new ones, to accompany your maintenance page with a countdown timer , so that all these people know that you will soon be active again.

Coming soon. Imagine that you are finishing your website, your online store, but you want that before publishing it, an attractive page, and a countdown timer, can make the passing user want to return, also, you can add a newsletter, so that visitors are informed from your website.

Promotions of your store. One of the cases in which we can see a countdown timer the most is in a promotion. If you want to make a discount in your store for a limited amount, you can put a countdown timer so that your customers know when that offer ends.


Add a Countdown Timer Using

We are going to use a plugin to create our countdown timer, for this we have different options, but today we are going to talk exclusively about one, Countdown Timer Ultimate.


Countdown Timer Ultimate

The first thing we are going to do is add the plugin. By now you should know how to add a plugin, but we are going to explain step by step how to do it.

We go to the Dashboard Menu → Plugins → Add New → (search “Countdown Timer Ultimate”), install it and activate it. Or you can download here.

Now we are going to see a new menu on the dashboard called Countdown Timer Ultimate. Go to Countdown Timer → Add Timer page in WordPress dashboard.
countdown timer - add timer

The first thing we are going to do is give a name to our new countdown timer, then we select an expiration date.
countdown timer - espiry date

In the next point we can select the type of animation. Also we can select the Circle Width, the Background Width and Countdown Width.
countdown timer - choose animation

In the last option, we will choose the color combination, from the backgrund to the text color.
countdown timer - color

Once you have finished customizing your countdown timer, we will click on the publish button.

Now we can go to the Dashboard → Countdown Timer → Countdown Timer, and there we will see the list with all the countdown timers we have created, with its Shortcode to be able to add it to our page.
countdown timer - countdown timer

To finish, we just have to copy the Shortcode and paste it on the page where we can include the countdown timer, in this case [wpcdt-countdown id = “344”].

The result in this case will be the following.
countdown timer - final

As you have seen in this publication, the use of a countdown timer will be very useful for our site, depending on the needs we have.

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