How To Add A Custom URL To WordPress Gallery Images

How To Add A Custom URL To WordPress Gallery Images
When we add an image to our page, or post, we can indicate a url to point to when someone clicks on the image.

This is a trick used since the world is world and since the internet began to work.

Many times it is easier to add a url to an image so that the visitor to our page visits a url that we want, than a link, that can go unnoticed.

WordPress also gave us the opportunity to add a gallery of images, but that is where the doubt arises.

Can we add custom links to individual images within a gallery? Yes, we are going to show how it can be done.

Custom Links To Gallery Images

The first thing we are going to do is ask for help from one of our great friends, the plugins.

In this case, the plugin that we are going to install is Gallery Custom Links, which will facilitate the task. It is also a free plugin, easy to use.

This WordPress plugin will allow us to add custom links to the images in our gallery.

As we have said, it is easy to use, because we don’t really need to configure it.

The only thing we have to do is create a page or post, and create a gallery, we can see the metafields of custom links for individual images in the gallery.

Custom Links To Gallery Images

As we can see in the image, we can link an image from the gallery to any url, we can also choose how we want that link to be.

Custom Links To Single Images

To add a link to a single image in WordPress, we just have to add an image to our page or post, on the right side, in Attachment Display Ssttings – Link To, we will choose Custom URL.

Custom Links To Single Images

A new URL field will appear, where we will put the link of the page we want to open.

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