How To Add A Dictionary To WordPress

How To Add A Dictionary To WordPress
One of the most important details, if we have a website dedicated to a particular topic, is to create a glossary or add a dictionary to WordPress.

To easily explain the topics we deal with to our users, especially to beginner users in that particular topic, or if we have tutorials or guides on our website.

Making our content more understandable helps it reach a larger number of readers, as it improves the user experience.

What Is A Dictionary?

Sometimes referred to as a lexicon, a dictionary (or glossary) contains definitions on a specific topic on our website, listed in alphabetical order.

To help our users find the meaning of a particular term, or an abbreviation, it will show us that word and a definition of that same word.

Creating A Glossary In WordPress

Now that we know what a dictionary or glossary is, we are gonna create a glossary or add a dictionary to WordPress, and why we need it on our website, we are going to install a plugin to make our work easier.

Keep in mind that depending on the number of words, abbreviations or acronyms, it will take us more time.

In this case we are going to use a free plugin called CM Tooltip Glossary Plugin, which will help us create a glossary of words used on our website.

In addition to creating a glossary, CM Tooltip Glossary uses tooltips to provide information to readers without having to navigate to another page.

This means that when a reader hovers over a tooltip, a definition appears, where images or videos can be included for better understanding.

The first step will be to go to our WordPress installation, to the Dashboard, Plugins → Add New, and we look for “CM Tooltip Glossary”, we install and activate.
CM Tooltip Glossary Plugin WordPress

Now in the Dashboard we go to CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings and “General Settings”.
CM Tooltip Glossary Plugin WordPress General Settings

In the event that our website does not have a glossary page, we can enable the option “Generate page for glossary index” to create a new page for your glossary.

The plugin will automatically be in charge of adding the page and the URL of the glossary page will be

The rest of the options are very well explained in the plugin, we just have to move the cursor over the question mark.

Adding Terms To CM Tooltip Glossary

After configuring the glossary settings, let’s start adding glossary terms and their definition.

Inside the WordPress Dashboard we go to CM Tooltip Glossary> Add new. So we add a new glossary term.

We write a title for the glossary term and then a description of that term in the text editor. We publish and we can keep adding.

CM Tooltip Glossary Plugin WordPress New Item

In this case we are going to make our glossary, which would look like this.

CM Tooltip Glossary Page

If you have not created your website yet, you may be interested Create Your Website With WordPress.

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