How to Add A Image Caption in WordPress

How to Add A Image Caption in WordPress
For starters, if you are not familiar with this WordPress option, we will tell you that a image caption in WordPress is a brief description that you can add to your images. They are usually used to provide additional details about an image and appear just below.

Imagine that when you add a title to a photo, you are providing information related to that image. This can help you give a brief explanation of the photo.

In addition to being essential for SEO purposes, when you add a caption to an image, you help visitors to your site, since you will give meaning to each image. If, for example, you have a travel blog, you can add a brief explanation to each image of what landscape they are seeing, to which country it belongs, when it was made.

Image Metadata

Now that you know what a caption is, let’s give a little explanation of the metadata of an image in WordPress.

In a Post, or Page, or Project, you can add an image, simply click on the Add Media button where you want to add an image, select the image you want to use and click on the Insert Into Post button.

add image to post in wordpress

  • Alt Text: Indicates explain how this image is related to the publication. If by mistake, the image is not loaded, the alternative text will be displayed.
  • Title: Is the name of the image.
  • Subtitle: Is a brief explanation of the image that usually appears below the image.
  • Description: Is a detailed explanation of the image.

explanation adding caption

If you already have a post and the image used has no caption, and you want to add it, just go to the post edition, the visual tab and click on the image. At the top a menu will appear, click on Edit.

edit caption

Here you can change not only the caption, but also the rest of the characteristics of an image.

edit caption post

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