How To Add An FTP File Manager In WordPress

How To Add An FTP File Manager In WordPress
When we are working with WordPress, many times we have to have access to the files, either from WordPress itself or from one of the ones that we have created, if for example, we are working with a child theme.

We need access to WordPress files if for example we want to increase the maximum file upload size. Here you can see a related post if you are interested. Increase Maximun File Upload Size WordPress

Normally to do this, we use an FTP client, the best known is Filezilla, but we can have the possibility of having the file manager in our Dashboard.

But, What Is An FTP File Manager?

We are talking about FTP, but you may not know what it means, what it is, or how it is used.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is a method that allows us to transfer files between our computer and our host, it also allows us to connect to our host and edit files, through a structure to a directory, with subdirectories.

It is a fairly old method, but it is still used effectively.

File Manager

In order to have the WordPress Dashboard we will have to install a plugin called File Manager, which we will talk about next.

The first thing we are going to do is install the plugin, from our Dashboard menu, Plugins → Add New, and search for “File Manager”.
File Manager Install

After activation, we will see how the plugin adds a new item called “WP File Manager” in the Dashboard menu. Clicking on it will launch the file manager app, which will display your WordPress files and folders.
File Manager

Now we can move through the folders and files to be able to edit the file that we want. We can do this by selecting the file and clicking the right button of the button.

We will see a Windows menu to perform various actions with the file, in this case we will select “Code Editor”. Another way is to select the file and using the edit icon from the top menu of the File Manager.
File Manager Edit File

Now we can edit the file, once we finish, we click on the “Save” button.
File Manager Edit

File Manager Pro Version

We can find a pro version of the File Manager plugin. As we can imagine, in addition to the functionalities of the free version, it adds many more.

Keep in mind that the free version can be very useful to us, since the functionality and features are quite extensive, but if you want to go a step further, perhaps the pro can be useful.

In addition to the characteristics that we have already discussed in this post, with the pro version we have:

  • Simple File Management
  • User Management
  • User Role Management
  • Code Editor & Syntax Checker
  • Built in Database Manager
  • Easy to Use Shortcodes
  • Add-ons & Integrations
  • Non Logged in Users Shortcode

File Manager is a great plugin, widely used by WordPress users, with more than 600 thousand active installations. It is an effective way to manage our files.

Although we have too many active plugins in our WordPress, File Manager is a good solution, since it is a plugin that we are going to use sporadically, when we need it, we activate it, when we do not use it, we can have it disabled.


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