How to Add Posts to WordPress Navigation Menu

How to Add Posts to WordPress Navigation Menu
Today we are going to talk about an option that perhaps we had not considered.

In this case, we are going to add our most relevant posts to the main WordPress menu.

Why add these posts to the main menu?

Through the WordPress menus, we can create a navigation structure.

It is a good option for visitors to our page to easily find our post.

WordPress allows us to easily add navigation menus, to which we can add almost everything, from pages to categories, even our own links.

WordPress makes it very easy to create and add navigation menus on your website. By default, it displays sections to easily add pages, categories, custom links, and more.

Go to Apparence → Menus.

Menu WordPress items

As a general rule, the menus that we normally see on the web are menus that contain a link to the blog, to the image gallery, about, shop.

Many times we can also see that they have added categories to the menu, you can add almost everything, but it is not good to overload the menu either.

In the event that you want to overload the menu, there is a solution that is mega menus.

Now what we want is to add our most relevant posr to the menu, so that visitors to our website can access it quickly.

Add Relevant Post To WordPress Menu

As we have commented in the previous point, to access the menus, in the WordPress administration panel we go to Apparence → Menus.

Now we can select the menu that we want to edit, the menu to which we are going to add the posts. We can also create a new menu.

add post to primary menu WordPress

We may not see the option to add posts to the menu.

The solution is to go to the top of the menu screen and display the options from “Screen Options”, check “Posts”, solved.

check posts screen options

The last step is to display the “Posts” tab and select the ones we want to add to our WordPress menu.
add post to WordPress menu

As we have seen, it is a good option to make our publications stand out, and it is a simple task that takes little time.

If you have not created your website yet, you may be interested Create Your Website With WordPress.


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