How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts

How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts
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We basically mean that we are going to explain you as bulk delete WordPress posts, something that perhaps many people may know, but it is worth reviewing it. And we are going to teach you two ways.

Bulk Delete Posts Manually

We are going to start in the easiest way, from the Dashboard menu, Post → All Posts, and to facilitate the operation, we will use a little trick.

At the top right we have the Screen Options tab. Depending on the type of page we are on, pages, posts, products, this tab will contain different options.

In this case it is going to show us the following, and what we are going to do is increase the number of items that we are going to show, but they are all on the same page and we do not have to paginate.

In the option “Number of items per page”, we will select the number of post we want to show. If we do not know, we can put a high number, so that all the posts appear on the same page.

Once the post number is selected, we click on the Apply button.

All Posts WordPress Screen Options

Now that we have all the posts, we can do two things, either delete all the posts, or only the posts of a specific category.

Delete Post By Categorie

If we want to delete only the posts that belong to a category, in the Categories column, we click on the one that we want to delete, then only the posts that we want will appear.

Post By Categorie

Now let’s go to bulk delete post, we just have to click on the Title check.

Select All Posts

Select the Move To Trash option, and then click the Apply button.

Move To Trash

Bulk Delete Posts Using A Plugin

With this plugin we can filter publications, delete them instantly without sending them to the trash or schedule to delete them later.

We can find more options for selecting and deleting posts by categories, custom taxonomies, custom post types, and more options.
Bulk Delete
We can download this plugin from HERE, or you can also install it from the Plugins → Add New menu on the Dashboard.

Now that we have already explained how to bulk delete WordPress posts, you can choose the way you like best, manually if you do not want to install more plugins, or through a plugin, if you prefer more comfort.

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