How To Choose The Best WordPress Plugin

How To Choose The Best WordPress Plugin
Today is going to be a fairly short post, but let’s get to the point, as always.

If you are an avid reader of our posts, but we are not beating around the bush, our posts are not too long, because if a user sees too much text, they tend to quickly leave the post in search of another.

Many sites put a lot of text just for the sake of improving SEO, and they go around too much, they do not specify, and instead of helping, it can make it more difficult for us to find the solution we are looking for.

That being said, we are going to talk about plugins, above all, how to choose the best one we are looking for.

Plugins help us, they make our work easier, but there is a lot to choose from, and you have to choose correctly.

Choose The Best WordPress Plugin

Finding a plugin is easy, we have several options, from our WordPress Dashboard search engine, to the page

We will only have to write what we want, for example “contact form”, since we want to include a contact form on our site.
find the best plugin in wordpress

Now we are going to point out certain aspects of the plugins by which it will help us to choose the best one.

When doing our search, we are going to look at the first plugins that appear, since they are the most relevant.

In this case we are going to look at the first two that we find when searching for “contact form”.

choose the best plugin wordpress

Now we are going to look at the most important points:
A: Here we can the score of the plugin and the number of votes.
B: The number of plugin installations.
C: Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

We have two options that are the most important, the A and the C, the punctuation of the users and the compatibility with WordPress.

The number of installations can help us to see the acceptance that the plugin has had, but it may take many years and the latest versions do not convince users.

But we are going to enter one of the plugins and we are going to see exactly what interests us.

In this case we will do it with Contact Form by WPForms.

Contact Form by WPForms

We are going to explain the fields that we find in this description.

  • Version: This is the version of the plugin.
  • Last updated: A very important field, and one of the main ones that we must look at, and it is the last time the plugin has been updated by the author.
  • Active installations: The installations that are active at the moment, that is, the number of users that have this plugin installed and are using it.
  • WordPress Version: This is the compatibility of this plugin with WordPress, in this case it is compatible with version 4.9 or higher.
  • Tested up to: This data indicates that the plugin has been tested with version 5.5.1. WordPress. At the time of creating this post, this is the latest version.
  • PHP Version: This is the compatibility of the plugin with PHP, and the recommendation for it to work correctly.
  • Languages: The languages supported by the plugin.

On the plugin page we can also read a description, features, and user reviews.

Plugin Ratings

Right below the plugin details, we can see the plugin ratings.

If we see the votes and the installations, we can deduce that not everyone who has the plugin installed has scored it.

It would be quite good if everyone rates their experience with the plugins, so it makes the choice easier.

Contact Form by WPForms Ratings


First of all, read the description, it is a brief summary and it will help us to know if it is what we are really looking for.

Look at the rating, the plugins are rated from 1 to 5 stars, you also have to count on the number of votes.

We must always verify compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, it is possibly the most important point when selecting a plugin.

It can sometimes mislead us, but the number of times a plugin has been downloaded can show us the popularity of the plugin.

An old version could imply that the author has abandoned the maintenance of the plugin so it may not work correctly with the latest version of WordPress.

Users leave reviews of plugins. This can help us decide whether or not to install the plugin, seeing the popularity and degree of satisfaction.

And last but not least, we always have the possibility to try it, so we can download the plugin and see if it meets our requirements.

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