How To Convert WordPress Site To Mobile App

How To Convert WordPress Site To Mobile App

In these times in which we live, where everyone has a smartphone, our site must be up to the task.

Although it is true that we have the letter to make our site responsive, so that it is readable on a mobile device.

But mobile apps give us better performance, including faster loading speeds.

By converting our site into an app, the user experience improves, since we can integrate functionalities of mobile devices, such as the use of the camera, touch identification and more.

We have the possibility to convert our WordPress site to mobile app with a series of plugins that we are going to list below.


AppPresser WordPress Plugin

Possibly one of the best plugins to turn your site into an app, but this plugin is aimed at developers and not regular WordPress users.

Among the main features are:

  • Push notification
  • Compatibility with WordPress extensions and plugins (we can integrate functions such as Google maps, Facebook login, camera connectivity, etc.)
  • Create custom pages
  • Design navigation as tabs or pull-out menu

It has a visual application customizer to change the appearance of our application, in the same way that we would do with a WordPress theme.


MobiLoud WordPress Plugin

MobiLoud es una de las mejores opciones de complementos para obtener una aplicación móvil nativa de un sitio de WordPress.

Convierte nuestro sitio web de WordPress en una aplicación móvil nativa para iOS y Android, pero este no es un plugin gratuito.

MobiLoud tiene un equipo disponible para administrar los procesos de creación y publicación, y nos brinda top-notch support.

En este caso no es necesario que creemos un tema por separado, ya que podremos continuar con el que ya teniamos para nuestra aplicación. Tenemos también la flexibilidad de seleccionar un tema diferente por plugin.

Las principales características de MobiLoud son:

  • Variedad de temas para la aplicación móvil
  • Personalización de temas según nuestra preferencia con WordPress Customizer
  • Facilidad de agregar un menú y animaciones a la aplicación móvil
  • Actualizaciones automáticas de contenido
  • Función de notificación push
  • Compatible con todas las plataformas principales: teléfonos Android, iPhone, iPad y tabletas
  • Publicidad móvil y monetización

Una vez que descarguemos el lienzo de la aplicación móvil, el equipo de MobiLoud se encargará de crear la aplicación móvil.


Androapp WordPress Plugin

AndroApp allows you to quickly create an Android application for our WordPress website. We can have in a few minutes a complete application with personalized functions.

This plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce so it is best if we have a content based website such as newspapers and blogs.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Multiple themes
  • Parallax Effect for Featured image on post detail page
  • Deep linking Support
  • Image Zoom, Share and Save
  • Through AdMob and Appnext, it gives us the option to monetize our WordPress mobile application
  • Unlimited Push Notifications

AndroApp is cheaper than other options. We can create our application for free and maintenance costs only $66 per year.

This plugin is not compatible with BuddyPress.


Blappsta WordPress Plugin

Blappsta is a free plugin, compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

It offers us the unique “Blappsta Preview” feature that allows you to test and preview before publishing.

Among its main features:

  • Share buttons for email and social media
  • Deep linking indexing for Google
  • Allows flexible placing of contents
  • Customize navigation as well as home page design

With these plugins we can to convert our WordPress site to mobile App for smartphones in an easy way.

If you have not created your website yet, you may be interested Create Your Website With WordPress.

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