How to Create Parent And Child Pages in WordPress

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WordPress offers us a hierarchy of pages, where we can create child pages that are directly related to the parent page.

That independent pages can have child pages is a great help to organize our content.

We are going to explain how to create a child page in a very simple way.

What Is A Child Page Or Sub Page In WordPress?

Normally, the information that we want to show on our website is done through the posts.

These posts are well organized, we have tags, categories, until their publication date.

But if we don’t have any post on our website but we want to show information, we can do it by organizing our pages.

In order to structure and organize the information we will do it through parent pages and their child pages.

From the WordPress administration interface we have the possibility to configure a page as independent or to put it in a parent-child relationship.

For example:

Parent Page A
– Child Page a
– Child Page b

Parent Page B
– Child Page a

How to Create a Child Page?

The first thing we are going to do is create our parent page, which is created as a normal page. Let’s go to Pages → Add New.
Create a Parent Page in WordPress

Now we are going to create our child page, we create a new page, and in the “Parent” section we select the page we want it to belong to.
Create a Child Page in WordPress

When we have created the child page we can see the structure that has been formed from the main menu of the pages.
Child Page WordPress

Now if we go into the WordPress Dashboard to Appearance → Menus, we can see the structure that has been created for us, the child pages depend on their parent page.
Menu Child Page WordPress

We have seen how easy it is to rank the information in WordPress through this option.

If for example we have a hairdresser, within the parent page “Jobs” we want to show treatments, or haircuts, or techniques, each one can be a child page.

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