How To Embed Tweets In WordPress

How To Embed Tweets In WordPress

Twitter has become one of the most important social networks, it can help us promote our website, our store, it can also help us to include related content in our own publications. The question, How To Embed Tweets In WordPress?

Many times, writing a Post, we would like to be able to include a tweet, either because it contains a quote that is related to what we are writing, or because that tweet belongs to a character we are writing about, a musician, an actor, …

In many cases, websites use tweets as a source of information. This may be supporting evidence or it may be the central focus of the article. In any case, simply copying and pasting the tweet seems less credible than displaying an embedded tweet.

One of the advantages we have when embedding a Tweet in our post, is that people who read your post can like that tweet, can retweet it, respond and follow the author, all without leaving your website.

Let’s see now how simple it is to embed tweets in your posts.

The first step is to know the link of the tweet you want to embed in your post.

How To Embed Tweets In WordPress Step 1

We will copy the URL of the tweet that we have opened with the browser browser.

Now comes the magic of ease, we just have to paste the URL in our post editor, in the “text” tab.

How To Embed Tweets In WordPress Step 2

The result:


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