How to Get the image URL in WordPress

How to Get the image URL in WordPress
It may seem silly, but, Sometimes you may want to share the link to a particular image or gallery. So, Do you want to find the URL for photos and image galleries in WordPress?

Why do we want to need to know the URL of an image? You may need to obtain an image link to display it in other areas of your website.

Any image that you upload to WordPress has it’s own unique image URL. You can use this URL to display an image in your posts or pages, or to share it with anyone as a link.

Get The Image Url For An Image Already In The Media Library

The first option we are going to use is that of the media library. We simply have to go in and look for the link as follows:

Media → Library

Now we click on the image we want to know the URL. On the image editing screen the URL and copy.

How to Get the URL of Your Images and Galleries in WordPress Step 1

Once we have copied the address of the image, we can go to any browser, paste the address and we can see the image.

Using The Right Mouse Button

The other way, if we have our website open but we do not want to access the WordPress Dashboard, a quick way is to simply click with the right mouse button on the image that we want to know the address.

How to Get the URL of Your Images and Galleries in WordPress Step 2

With this option you can copy the URL of the image of almost all websites, unless they have disabled the right mouse button. Many times it is disabled to protect the website.

In this post we talked about how to retrieve the image URL, but remember that you can also add an image to your WordPress using its address. It is not recommended, since that address may change, or the host where it is stored may fail. The most advisable thing is to always have all your images in your WordPress.

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