How To Install And Set Up Yoast SEO

How To Install And Set Up Yoast
Maybe you have heard about the Yoast SEO plugin, which is a plugin created to help you optimize, from the SEO point of view of your pages, your post or your products. But, it’s not easy install and set up Yoast SEO.

It is probably the most important SEO plugin for WorPress at present and is one of the most used by both those who are professionally engaged in SEO and by small website administrators.

Keep in mind that Yoast SEO is simply an assistant in what has to do with the SEO configuration of your website.

There are many people who think that doing SEO is simply installing an SEO plugin for WordPress and voila, nothing is further from the truth. The SEO of your website is done by you, not the plugin. Yoast SEO is only a tool that advises you on the configuration of your site and the pages or post of your website, but the SEO work is really done by optimizing the On Page of your site with the analysis of keywords and their correct use in the content.

How To Download And Install The Yoast Seo Plugin For WordPress

The first thing we will do is install the plugin. To do this, we go to Plugins / Add new, and in the search box we write Yoast SEO. It will appear quickly. Press the install button and then activate.

Yoast SEO Install

Now you have Yoast SEO installed and activated in your WordPress, and you can see in your post and pages, the possibility of improving your SEO with the help of the plugin.

Using The Configuration Wizard

After installing Yoast SEO, you can access the Yoast SEO dashboard by simply clicking on the new SEO tab in the WordPress dashboard.

If this is the first time you use this plugin, you will see a great announcement for the first SEO configuration.

By clicking on the link in the configuration wizard, Yoast SEO will give you a guided tour to help you establish all the basic SEO options.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 1

Step 1: Environment

In this environment, you should always choose Option A, unless the site is under construction.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 2

Step 2: Site Type

In the Site Type section, try to choose the type of site that best suits your website.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 3

Step 3: Organization Or Person

In this section, choose if your website represents an organization or a person.

If you choose Organization, you will be asked to enter:

  • The name of the organization.
  • Your organization’s logo (112x112px minimum. We recommend a square logo)
    If you choose person, then you will have to enter the person’s name.

Enter the social media profiles for your website. If you are creating a website for an organization, these will be the social media profiles of your organization. If you are a person, you can edit the details, such as social profiles, name and description of the user on your WordPress profile page.

It is not necessary to enter all social media profiles.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 4

Step 4: Search Engine Visibility

In the visibility section of the Search Engine, you can choose whether or not to allow certain types of content to be indexed in search engines.

In this case it is better to leave the options by default. Unless you are an advanced user and know what you are doing, It is better to leave it as is.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 5

Step 5: Multiple Authors

If you are the only person writing on your site, Yoast SEO will automatically mark the author’s files as noindex to avoid duplicate content (noindex tells search engines not to index that page).

The reason why Yoast SEO does this is that, in the single author’s blog, the author’s files are 100% identical to the current page of the indexed xs blog.

In the case that you can have several authors, choose yes, so people can find the archives of the articles of a specific author by searching Google search results.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 6

Step 6: Title Settings

The title of your page or post is the main heading that will appear in Google’s search results (and visitor’s browser tabs)

By default, Yoast SEO prepares its title: post name / separator / site name.

In this case, you can choose the separator that you like the most.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 7

Step 7: Newsletter

This step is only for you to sign up for the Yoast SEO newsletter.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 8

Step 8: Yoast SEO Premium

This last step suggests us upgrade our free account to premium.

Yoast SEO Wizard Step 9

This is a method for install and set up Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO Meta Box

Yoast helps us with on-page SEO, including helping you optimize titles, goals and keywords.

Let’s see how the plugin looks, and explore all the options.

When you create a new WordPress post, scroll to the bottom of the post and you will see the Yoast box.

Yoast SEO Meta Box 1

The meta box helps you analyze your content for the quality and readability of SEO, and helps configure options to see how your content works on Google and social networks.

Focus Keyphrase

In the focus keyphrase area, you can enter a focus keyphrase to optimize its content. The content of your website must be related to the keywords of your theme.

What we want to do basically is to perform a keyword search to find a keyword that people are looking for. Next, we’ll introduce that keyword and Yoast SEO will analyze its content to see how optimized your post is for that specific keyword.

Yoast SEO will tell us if we are doing well and what we should improve.

In the premium version of Yoast SEO, you will be able to add a related keyword.

Definition of snippets

The main functionality or feature that we know about Yoast is because it allows you to define the snippet of each entry or page of your website, that is, the title and description that you want Google to show on your results page.

You can click the Edit Snippet button to manually edit the SEO Title and Meta description of your content. You will see a live preview at the top as you edit the information.

Meta Description

The meta description is a meta tag that is located within theblock in the HTML code, and is the short description that serves to summarize the content of a web page that is shown below the title in the snippet of the Search results.

SEO Analysis

Yoast SEO checks that all your entries meet a set of criteria that can be indicators of their readability. And this information shows you with a system of smiling or disgruntled faces in another section of the box that installs the plugin.

Yoast SEO Analysis

Advanced Yoast SEO Options

We are going to describe the options of this tab, although normally we will never modify it.

  • Prevent Google from indexing the post or page. This will cause the search engines not to show it in the search results.
  • Specify a canonical URL to avoid duplicate content.

Yoast SEO Advanced Options

And here ends our post on how to install and set up Yoast SEO. We have not wanted to exceed, it is more a post to start in this plugin.


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