How To Scan Your WordPress To Find Hidden Malware

How To Scan Your WordPress To Find Hidden Malware

You may never have thought about this situation, or because it has never happened to you, or to anyone you know, but they can hack your website and include potentially malicious code.

But don’t worry, as for almost all situations, WordPress has plugins to find hidden malware, both free and paid, that scan your site for potentially malicious or unwanted code.

This is critical, and as a tip, perhaps all situis should have one of these plugins installed, as malicious code can go unnoticed for a long time unless you regularly scan your website.

This is the danger, that you may have malicious code on your site, and you never know it.

The reasons why hackers infect your site are, among others, database or file injection, redirects or phishing.

Surely, as you are reading this post, you may be wondering whether or not you are infected, because now we are going to propose some used plugins to scan your site for that code. The best time to install one of these plugins, right now, don’t waste time.

We have to take into account a very important point, and that you may not have thought about it, but if your site is infected, Google will penalize you.

You have been days, weeks, months, working your SEO, your site, shop, blog, it is very well positioned, but suddenly your site is infected. In addition to the problems that can arise from this attack, when the Google search engine passes through our site, and detects that it is infected, Google will penalize it, and all that work will be lost until we clean it up completely.

Once we clean our site, it will take us a while to regain our position in Google. This is one of the side effects of infection on our site.

This time we are not going to talk about Wordfence, we already did it in the post Best Premium Plugins For WordPress



Securi is one of the leaders in the field of security for its site. Offer limited WordPress scanning feature for free to find hidden malware.

The option of the free version is very interesting, although it has its drawbacks. With this version we can only scan our site manually.

The best option without a doubt is the upgrade to the premium plan, this plan includes automatic email alerts about any suspicious problem. In this case, the full version will remove the malware, in addition to removing your IP address from the spam lists on the remote server.

It also offers DNS-level website firewall protection because it is more effective.

The Securi scan, in addition to looking for malicious software, also looks for disfigurements and injection attacks. It also has a utility for resetting passwords.

One of the most important characteristics of Securi is that, if your website is infected, Securi experts take care of cleaning it, without having to pay more money. Why is this point so interesting? Because even if we are advanced WordPress users, cleaning our site from malware is very difficult.

Anti-Malware Security

anti-malware security

Another security plugin to search for malicious code or malware in WordPress is Anti-Malware Security. It detects malware, viruses and other threats on your server, as another type of tool used for these cases, it marks them as potential threats, once marked, you can select what you want to do with them.

Like other security tools, Anti-Malware Security’s search for suspicious code, scripts, back doors and infections in all folders and files on your website, this operation will take us a long time to finish.

One of the defects that have this type of plugins, even the most prestigious, are false positives. In this case Anti-Malware Security also finds them, so we will have to go to the source of those supposedly infected files to check it.

Anti-Malware Security includes a firewall option. But unlike Securi, it does not have a DNS-level firewall, which will make it less effective in this regard.



MalCare is a security plugin that will help us detect malware for free to find hidden malware.

In this case, MalCare is somewhat more accurate in detecting malware, reducing false positives, a failure of all these plugins, even the most prestigious ones. So we will receive alerts when it detects malware, but we will not receive them for false or suspicious attacks.

One of the most common attacks is “brute force”, this basically consists of the attempt to crack passwords. Brute-force attacks are typically carried out to discover login credentials and access websites for data theft.

In this case, MalCare firewall and login protection are automatically enabled. Helps protect your site from bots and hackers.

A strong point of this security plugin is that during the analysis, the performance of our site will not be affected.

Anyway, the free version searches and detects, but if we want it to automatically clean malware, we must buy the premium version.

Other MalCare features are, among others, IP blocking, login protection, which we have already talked about and website hardening.

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