How To Take Screenshots for WordPress Blog Posts

How To Take Screenshots For WordPress Blog Posts
You may be wondering right now, Why do I need to take screenshots for WordPress blog posts?

Very easy, we ourselves use the screenshots in our posts, if we want to explain, for example, any Dashboard functionality and we need an image to illustrate it.

If we want to make a post on how to install a plugin step by step, it is better and easier to take screenshots on our screen than to search for images in google.

Many times we do not find what we need and it is better to make the images ourselves.

There are several ways to take a screenshot, with key combinations, in both Windows and MAC, or Android, Chrome extensions.

We will explain how to take these screenshots.


If we talk about programs to take screenshots, CloudApp is the most used.

CloudApp is available for Mac and Windows and is also available as a Chrome extension.

CloudApp Windows installed

CloudApp allows you to capture and share the screenshot from your computer, saving the screenshot to the clipboard by CloudApp as a link.

We can manage all the screenshots taken with CloudApp and share them on any platform, including WordPress.

Too we can quickly access the application with a combination of keys, depending on the operating system we are using.

Windows: Press “Alt + Shift + 5” to take a screenshot.
MAC: Press “Command + Shift + 5” to take the screenshots.
CloudApp shortcut

Take A Screenshot On Windows

Windows also allows you to take screenshots, and like MAC, through a combination of keys.

As in a MAC, we have two possibilities to take screenshots in Windowa, the whole screen, or a part of the screen that we will select.

If we want to capture the whole screen, press “Ctrl + PrtSc”. Once the capture is done, we can use any image editing program to manipulate the screenshot.

From Windows 7, we have the possibility to use a snipping tool, in this case we must press “Windows + Shift + S”. The capture will be saved on the clipboard.

Take A Screenshot On Mac

If we want to take screenshots using a MAC, we will have two options, take a complete photo of the screen or simply take screenshots of parts of the screen that we choose.

To take a screenshot of the entire screen, we simply have to press “Shift + Command + 3” on our Mac.

The combination of “Shift + Command + 4” will take a screenshot of the part we select. You just have to click and drag the pointer to take a screenshot of the selected area.

We can also capture a specific window, for this, we will press “Shift + Command + 4” and the “space bar” on the keyboard. The pointer will turn into a camera icon. The camera icon will need to be dragged into a window to highlight and capture it.

Any screenshots captured will be saved to the desktop by default. It will have a default file name and a .png extension.


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