How To Update Divi

How to update Divi
In this post today we will talk about how to update Divi. At first it may seem like a simple action, but we must bear in mind that divi is a paid item, so we will have to have an ElegantThemes license.

We will think that you already have your license, and you have introduced it in the Divi options, so we start directly with the update.

Update Divi

The ElegantThemes team works hard to periodically update the Theme Divi, as well as pugins Monarch, Bloom, …

These updates are always necessary, either because WordPress has also undergone an update, and some error must be corrected, or because new functions are to be introduced.

That said, the updates correct errors, add new features, improve the behavior of the theme, among many other things.

How To Update Divi

The first step we are going to see is to update through the WordPress Dashboard updates option.

Let’s go to the Dashboard → Updates menu. Here we will see both the themes and the plugins that have recently received an update. In our case we will update the Divi theme, you just have to check the theme divi and click on the Update Themes button.
Updating Divi Step 1

Another way to update Divi through the WordPress Dashboard is to go to the Apparence → Themes menu. There you will see the themes that you have installed in your WordPress, in case you have an update pending, it will appear at the top of the theme New version available Update now, where you will click.
updating Divi Step 2

Some Tips

Before Updating Divi…

You enter WordPress, you see that there is a new update of Divi and you launch yourself to update … WAIT FOR A MOMENT!

Both Divi, as WordPRess, as any theme or plugin you have, receive updates, but be careful, sometimes they are simple bug fixes, but sometimes they suffer a great update that modifies their behavior.

You can usually find out by viewing the update version. If, for example, you have version 4.1.5, and you receive the update to version 4.1.6, this update hardly changes, it is a slight update.

In the case of having version 4.1.5 installed and you receive the update to version 4.2.0, in this case, the update will change many things.

The first thing we are going to say is that companies work hard and whenever they launch an update they perform countless tests, but some bug may always have escaped. Our recommendation, whenever there is a great update, wait a few days. When errors arise, companies quickly launch small patches to solve the problems, so you’ll see more updates.

You may not see any new updates in a week, that means everything went well and you can update without fear.

Damn Update!

You have just updated your Divi and suddenly your website is full of errors, or it has just stopped working, do not worry, with divi you can always return to the previous version.

Go to the Divi → Theme Options menu of the WordPress Dashboard, click on the Updates tab. In this tab you enter your User and the Divi API Key for updates, but you will see that there is a RollBack To The Previous Version button, if we click on this button, we will return to the previous version that you had installed.
How to update Divi RollBack

This Is Fine But…

We have just seen that Divi has the option of returning to the previous version, but you always have to have a plan B, so, before upgrading to a new version, either Divi, WordPress, a plugin… Always you should make a backup.

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