Applet Studio

  • $119.00

    Solange is a minimal and elegant Squarespace 7.1 template for wedding industry professionals – photographers & wedding planners.

    High-end and polished design for industry leaders and trend-setters.

    This is beautiful template for photographers or other creatives with detailed portfolio and blogging options.

    Make a few small changes, or take complete control and build a totally custom website design without touching a single line of code.

  • $150.00

    Indie Studio is a trendy and sophisticated Squarespace 7.1 template for photographers, artists, event planners, and other visual businesses.

    Muted colors, golden tones & geometric accents will help you create a refined & luxurious brand.

    It has a creative layout and a user-friendly experience perfect to elevate and grow your creative small business.

  • $150.00

    Lemongrass is a versatile Squarespace 7.1 template for coaches, course creators, podcasters & bloggers.

    It was carefully crafted to allow you to create your own professional creative website quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.

    Create a website that focuses on visuals and strategically presents your best content. Build a funnel hub for your courses and high-ticket offers.

  • Lora Squarespace Template

    Lora is a trendy Squarespace template for those who really want to stand out.

    Dynamic split layouts and geometric shapes give the possibility to break away from the Squarespace default designs.

    A perfect look for those who don’t like to be generic and predictable.

    This template is perfect if your branding is modern, minimal, high-end and you want to show off your services beautifully.

  • California Squarespace Template

    California is a modern, sleek and stylish Squarespace template with a slightly editorial vibe.

    Crafted specifically for creative service-based businesses, this template will help you set up a website that authentically connects with your target audience.

    Squarespace’s Style Editor is extremely helpful for customizing up colors, fonts, and sizing.

  • Boho Social Squarespace Template

    Boho Social is a colorful and optimistic Squarespace Template tailored for digital marketers and social media managers. Establish an online presence, get clients and finetune sales funnel.

    This template features bright groovy colors and artsy graphics to highlight creative expertise. Lightweight and breezy grid gives the website a professional vibe. Perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses.

    Squarespace’s Style Editor is extremely helpful for customizing up colors, fonts, and sizing.

  • Rosee Squarespace Template

    Rosée is a minimalistic Squarespace Template tailored for digital marketing businesses and service-based entrepreneurs.

    This template features calm and feminine visuals, editorial-style typography and slightly irregular grid.

    It also comes with multiple inner-page templates for showcasing services, clients, and more.

    You can customize this template´s style to make it your own showcase your´s site content.

  • Pivot Squarespace Template

    Pivot is a minimalist Squarespace Template aimed at digital marketing entrepreneurs / service-based feminine businesses and virtual assistants.

    It comes with a minimal design featuring a elegant layout for showcasing your services effectively on the homepage.

    The homepage consists of a large full-screen video that can quickly make a big impact on your visitors as soon as your homepage loads.

  • Hustle & Heart Squarespace Template

    Hustle & Heart is feminine and magazine-inspired Squarespace template for service-based businesses, consultants and creative entrepreneurs.

    This template has wide space and modern design and many sections for highlighting your business information that let your work shine!

    It also comes with multiple inner-page templates for showcasing services, clients, and more.

    It´s fully customisable and easy-to-use. You can change colors, images, texts,…