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  • Willow Photography Squarespace Template

    The Willow Template is a modern, organic, and Photography forward Squarespace 7.1 Template design crafted specifically for service-based businesses that want to show off visual galleries and services.

    The modern layout draws readers in with clickable images and headlines that take them to your call to actions telling the stories behind your photos.

    This would be the perfect template for photographers.


  • Jada Squarespace Template

    The Jada Template is a modern, editorial, and sleek Squarespace 7.1 Template design made for CEOs, influencers, speakers, and authors.

    The design features bold typography and unique use of imagery and dynamic video elements.

    The clean and crisp look of this site is simple yet stunning at the same time.

    If you own a creative business, Jada is something your business can’t live without! The best way to display what you have to offer is through large and dynamic background images and video.


  • Social Sweetheart Squarespace Template

    This sharp and playful design has the perfect balance of personality and functionality for your business.

    Social Sweetheart is a fun, confident and modern Squarespace template that focuses on keeping your message clear.

    If you’re looking for feminine and minimal template, this template for you.


  • $149.00

    This modern and hip template is a show stopper for any blog. Perfect for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and creatives!

    With a modern and fresh design, this template is a great all-around choice for bloggers.
    If you’re looking for something flexible and feminine, this template for you.


  • Foundress Squarespace Template

    Crafted with conversion and major cool-factor in mind, Foundress will give you the tools you need to grow your creative business into a thriving online brand.

    With strategic lead magnets, calls to action, and storytelling in all the right places, you’ll be able to instantly connect with your audience and position yourself as the expert that you truly are.

    Designed with coaches, consultants and creatives in mind, but flexible to fit to any niche!

    Customize your new site with Squarespace’s powerful visual editor and endless style settings.


  • Bold Babe Squarespace Template

    Bold Babe is a funny and modern Squarespace template crafted for service based brands who want a functional and natural design that beautifully displays their content.

    It has features bold graphics and large photos that let your work shine.

    It´s fully customisable and easy-to-use. You can change colors, images, texts,…


  • Clean Freak Squarespace Template

    This bright and beautiful Squarespace template geared towards creatives by offering a clean layout that places a heavy emphasis on the display of images and offer services.

    This template is super easy to customise, allowing you to make them completely unique to your brand or business.

    Clean Freak features bold graphics and large photos that let your website shine.


  • Boho Queen Squarespace Template

    Boho Queen is a creative, modern and very sophisticated Squarespace template perfect for photographers designers or creatives.

    It´s completely customizable, so you can change colors, fonts, images and all layout elements to fit your business.

    It comes with all you need: customizable graphics (Photoshop NOT needed!), photo + graphic resources and a series of videos breaking down every single step of the process.


  • Sintra Squarespace Template - Fullscreen

    The Sintra Squarespace Template Kit is a minimal, modern and sleek website design that is great for photographers, designers and other creative professionals.

    If you want to create a site that is photo-heavy, professional, and have long scrolling index pages that highlight both images and content, This Squarespace template is a wonderful option.

    It´s completely customizable, so you can change colors, fonts, images and all layout elements to fit your business.