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  • Sales Page Templates for Squarespace

    Skip the stress & confusion and go straight to done-with-ease with our start-to-finish sales page template kits.

    Good sales pages—the kind that turn maybes into yesses while you sleep—are a breed all their own.

    They demand higher-than-average strategy, copy, and design. And we would argue that they’re *almost* as important as the rest of your website combined.

    This gorgeous Sales Page will help you convert casual readers into customers.


  • $197.00

    Noire Squarespace Template Kit is a moody and modern website design.

    With large, feature images and a detailed gallery, this design is perfect for photographers or creatives who want a home to show off their work.

    This beautiful template is built to convert for any coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, creative brand or small business.


  • $197.00

    The Ava Grand Squarespace Template Kit is a modern and sleek design.

    With a detailed sales page and a members area, this template is perfect for course creators, membership sites or subscription based businesses.

    This template has a clean and breathable design that puts the focus on letting your content shine.


  • Michi Squarespace Template

    The Michi Squarespace Template Kit is a fun and feminine website design created with influencers and bloggers in mind, strategically set up to feature blog posts, collaborations and influencer-style affiliate marketing.

    It´s a fun, modern template for bloggers that can be easily customized.

    Its large, simple sections use color to make products really pop, and it keeps customers scrolling down with its bold, clean layouts.


  • Dizzy Squarespace Template

    The Dizzy Squarespace Template Kit is an edgy and funky design that oozes uniqueness and individuality.

    This template is perfect for the creative and bold entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

    Dizzy also includes a blog design and services pages as well.


  • Leon Squarespace Template

    The Leon Squarespace Template Kit is a modern website design with a retro twist.

    Their long-scrolling homepage mixes text and image boxes for showcasing projects, describing services, and displaying trust elements like testimonials.

    It´s super easy to customise, allowing you to create a unique Squarespace site that truly stands out from the crowd.

    This template is ideal for clients desiring strong visual storytelling.


  • Gigi Rose Squarespace Template

    The GigiRose Squarespace Template Kit is a modern and edgy website template with a sleek, collage style layout.

    With large-format imagery and bold headlines interspersed with delicate details, this breathtaking view will impress to your visitors.

    This unique and versatile design would work for any type of small business or creative professional.


  • Belladonna Squarespace Template

    The Belladonna Squarespace Template Kit is a romantic website template with a modern flare.

    The large images and detailed portfolio make this design perfect for photographers and designers.

    It’s strategic and intentional layout and design gives your photography business a big impression on their audience.

    The design is also perfectly crafted to adapt to your own brand using custom colour palettes and fonts.


  • Victoria Squarespace Template

    The Victoria Squarespace Template Kit is a modern and stylish website template kit designed for solopreneurs or small businesses who want a professional website with a creative flare.

    It has a fresh and beautiful homepage which is perfect for engaging visitors.

    It´s completely customizable, so you can change colors, fonts, images and all layout elements to fit your business.