Blog Squarespace

  • $148.00

    Perfect for online stores and ecommerce based businesses who want to showcase their products and convert visitors to loyal customers!

    Frances is minimal, sleek, modern and timeless the perfect starting point for your website.

  • Elle and Beth Squarespace Template

    Creating a beautifully designed website that’s seamless to launch has never been so easy.

    Simple to use and fully customisable, our 7.0 Squarespace website template has been thoughtfully designed to attract, evoke and inspire, no matter what business or industry you’re in.

    This Squarespace Template will have you launching a professional website with ease.


  • Atelier Squarespace Template

    Atelier a modern, fun, easy-to-customize Squarespace Template for creative small business owners.

    It’s clean with plenty of white space that keeps readers scrolling down with its bold, beautiful layouts.

    This template will give you the look you need to instantly connect with your audience and grow your creative brand.

  • Michi Squarespace Template

    The Michi Squarespace Template Kit is a fun and feminine website design created with influencers and bloggers in mind, strategically set up to feature blog posts, collaborations and influencer-style affiliate marketing.

    It´s a fun, modern template for bloggers that can be easily customized.

    Its large, simple sections use color to make products really pop, and it keeps customers scrolling down with its bold, clean layouts.

  • Dizzy Squarespace Template

    The Dizzy Squarespace Template Kit is an edgy and funky design that oozes uniqueness and individuality.

    This template is perfect for the creative and bold entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

    Dizzy also includes a blog design and services pages as well.

  • $149.00

    This modern and hip template is a show stopper for any blog. Perfect for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and creatives!

    With a modern and fresh design, this template is a great all-around choice for bloggers.
    If you’re looking for something flexible and feminine, this template for you.
  • Blogette Squarespace Template

    The Blogette Squarespace Template Kit is designed for the modern blogger or influencer. Not only is super cute, but it’s full of blogging features like a sidebar and featured posts.

    With a gorgeous layout design, and category sections displayed on the home, your visitor will always know exactly where to find what they’re looking for.

    This template is perfect for bloggers and influencers that are looking for to have a clean and chic aesthetic online.

  • Minnie Squarespace Template

    The Minnie Squarespace Template Kit is a modern design with fun collage style elements and bold, full-width imagery.

    The layout is simple and streamlined, but the design is artistic and creative.

    Use large stunning stock images and a combination of bold and soft colors throughout the design to draw attention right where you want connect with your readers.

    If you want to showcase your portfolio, or services, this would be a create hassle template to start off with.

    You can easily integrate your own images, texts, color scheme, logo and even promote your affiliate products.

  • Tigress Squarespace Template

    The Tigress Template Kit is fierce! With fun hand-drawn graphic elements, collage style sections, and large full width images,

    The template is modern and professional, but still super playful that allows you to easily organize and layout content in a clean, intuitive way.

    This Squarespace Template is perfectly suited to businesses who offer done-for-you services such as virtual assistants, social media Managers, coaches or consultants.