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  • Identity Squarespace Template New

    Identity is a premium Squarespace 7.1 template for a business coach, expert, and online entrepreneur.

    This awesome template is designed for you to insert your own content & create a unique website for your business.

    Easily change the colours, fonts and anything else!


  • Good Vibes Squarespace Template New

    Good Vibes is a premium Squarespace 7.1 template for a therapist, expert, or coach.

    It has a Pastel, calming design for your soulful business.

    This template includes sections for services, work experience, testimonials, contact form and ends with an embedded Instagram feed to add a bit of personality.


  • Medellin Squarespace Template New

    Medellin is a luxury Squarespace Template with a contemporary feel. This design is ideal for bloggers, designers, and service-based businesses with its large photographs and thorough pages.

    This one pager website template is an idyllic place with everything your ideal client is looking for. Personalize your gallery with your best work, showcase your unique services, or launch your next course.

    keep it simple with this bold, editorial-style Squarespace Template.


  • Nova Business Squarespace Template

    Nova has a clean and minimal Business Squarespace Template that allows all kinds of content to be shown in a gorgeous way.

    This Template Kit is designed to be the perfect template for content and social media managers.

    This makes your social media and content marketing look beautiful, which is crucial to spreading awareness about your product or brand.

    Nova has some pops of color and fun graphics to create the perfect balance of visual interest, while keeping the template simple, timeless and practical.

    It also features tons of customization options and drag & drop layout features.



  • $189.00

    Lola is a beautiful Squarespace template perfect to help website owners display their credentials and experience with the goal of attracting clients.

    This template offers a minimalist design with large images and spaces.

    Built for social media managers, virtual assistants, marketers and creatives in mind.

    This template will give you the look you need to instantly connect with your audience and grow your creative brand.


  • Cape Town Squarespace Kit

    Cape Town is a Squarespace 7.1 Template with a minimal, elegant, and clean modern feel.

    This Template is perfect for creatives, coaches, consultants or any other type of service-based entrepreneur who wants to encourage people to work with them!

    keep it simple with this bold, editorial-style Squarespace Template.


  • Orka Squarespace Template

    Orka is a Squarespace Template for driven educators, podcasters, authors and entrepreneurs who have a strong personality and need a website that reflects that.

    Choose this bold design to present your expertise and brand narrative, as well as attract users, convert them into leads, and sell your work.

    Orka’s statement fonts, moody colors, and impactful layouts are guaranteed to make you look mature and confident online.


  • Southwest Squarespace Template

    Southwest is an elegant Squarespace Template crafted for confident creatives and business owners.

    Its layouts are infused with simplicity and style.

    Southwest has lush and moody aesthetics, combined with bold typography and asymmetric layouts, will give your website a true fashion-magazine type of feel.

    This Squarespace template is perfect for design studios, branding experts, independent designers, consultants, as well as brand and editorial photographers.


  • Quinn Squarespace Template

    Quinn is a high-end, refined and editorial Squarespace 7.1 Template design crafted for speakers to share their services, podcast, freebies and contact details.

    With a fresh color scheme and modern design, this template is a ready-made branding tool that you can easily customize to whatever look you prefer.

    This Squarespace Template is easy-to-customize, and is perfect for a strategic content site.