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  • Nova Squarespace Template

    The Nova Squarespace Template Kit is a fun and bright website design with unique layered graphic elements and images.

    This beautiful Template has a clean and minimalist design perfect to accommodate big images of your work.

    It is perfect for the modern and creative solopreneur or business effectively designed for attracting clients and detailing your services.


  • Flourish Squarespace Template

    Created with infopreneurs and online coaches in mind, Flourish was made for anyone with content to share.

    The long form homepage clearly communicates the value of your offering, and the strategically placed signup forms are ready to turn your visitors into subscribers.

    Flourish will not only make you look legit, it’ll take your biz to new heights.

    Combining Station Seven’s minimalist aesthetic with Squarespace’s powerful drag and drop interface, this squarekit includes all of the graphics, site settings and step-by-step video tutorials you need to recreate this exact gorgeous web design.

    This Squarespace Theme is fun, beautiful and bold focus on keeping your message and services clear.


  • Sophie Squarespace Template

    The Sophie Squarespace Template Kit is a rustic and romantic website kit with a classic layout. It has been designed with photographers, designers, or other creative business types in mind.

    You can easily integrate your own images, color scheme, logo and even promote your affiliate products.

    If you’re a designer or photographer, this template is perfect for setting up a simple website to showcase your work beautifully.


  • Lady Nomad Squarespace Template

    Lady Nomad was created for the adventurous at heart—those ditching their 9-5s, taking risks, and saying “hell yes!” to epic online businesses that give them freedom in both their work and life.

    It has everything you might need as a budding content creator: a bold landing header, crystal clear brand statement, eye catching calls to action, lots of space to tell your unique story, multiple spots to feature your products or blog posts (or both!), a must have lead magnet to grow your email list, and more.

    This template is perfect for the creative business owner looking to make a strong and unique impression online.


  • Unearth Squarespace Template

    The Unearth Squarespace Template Kit is a modern and artistic website template with an interactive and highly customizable collage style layout, perfect for all types of creative businesses.

    The design is polished and clean with details that will add that touch of style to your creative website.

    If you’re thinking about starting a creative website to promote your services, this template is perfect for you.


  • Iris Squarespace Template

    The Iris Squarespace Template Kit is an edgy and beautiful website design kit with full width background images, parallax scrolling and unique overlapping text and wide image sections.

    This template is perfect for any creative wanting to showcase their work seamlessly online, supported by a modern aesthetic.

    This awesome template is completely customizable and comes with easy to follow video instructions so you can have your website up and running in no time!


  • Eiderwild Squarespace Template

    Crafted for down to earth freelancers looking to easily connect with potential clients, Eiderwild features an epic landing page that makes a statement, a portfolio section that showcases what sets you apart, and a unique about page to tell your story and share your creative process.

    The Squarespace Theme in simple, serene, and the use of white space gives the website a spacious feeling.

    You’ll not only end up with a website that oozes authenticity, you’ll also gain the confidence to own your site design, effortlessly making customizations and updates to rock your online presence and grow your biz.


  • $99.00

    Slightly feminine, but with a bold punch, Fable keeps your gorgeous products front and center and works to turn your visitors into customers.

    Show off your latest collection with a landing page that makes a statement, send your visitors to the pages that matter most with strategic calls to action, and elight them with video content and a full-width Instagram footer.

    This design kit comes with multiple layouts for your pages to find a perfect fit for your brand and business.

  • Willow Squarespace Template

    Playful typography, sophisticated graphics and just the right amount of color, Willow knows how to have a good time but is never afraid to get down to business.

    Combining Station Seven’s minimalist aesthetic with Squarespace’s powerful drag and drop interface, this squarekit includes all of the graphics, site settings and step-by-step video tutorials you need to recreate this exact gorgeous web design.

    This Template is beautiful, modern and extremely functional and easy-to-implement.