Photography Squarespace

  • $299.00

    Adventure seekers and nature lovers, this design was made for you.

    If you want to turn your website into an exciting journey for your couples – choose Böreal.

    Its playful layouts, earthy aesthetics, and moody vibes make it the perfect website template for elopement, destination wedding photographers, travel videographers, as well as zesty coaches and educators.

  • Martini Squarespace Template

    Need a website that looks and feels a million dollars?

    Try Martini – a bold and fresh design that is guaranteed to skyrocket your confidence online.

    This Squarespace template is an absolute game-changer for ambitious web and graphic designers, branding experts, virtual assistants, mentors, educators, podcasters and other creative teams.

    It has everything you need to add your own personal touch!

  • Nusa Squarespace Template

    As alluring as the islands of Indonesia, Nusa is a beautiful Squarespace Template designed for the adventurous at heart.

    Serving as a platform for daily musings and tutorials, this theme was built for anyone with a story to tell: Travelers, DIYers, writers, foodies, stylists, and more.

    Equipped with easy-to-read body text, modern typography, intuitive navigation, and a refined layout that enhances imagery, Nusa is an aesthetics-focused design that instantly elevates creative content.


  • $299.00

    Arcade is a template for photographers & creatives who value deep, dark tones.

    Need to make a statement? Arcade does it.

    Each page presents a rich, editorial feel that helps present your work with refined poise.

    Whether you’re a photographer or a business owner needing to support your distinguished brand, this template helps bring your visions to life.

  • $149.00

    Insta Worthy is a premium Squarespace template inspired by the 90-ties graphic design trends. A bold color palette, animated geometric graphics make it unique and memorable.

    This template is perfect for any creative blogger, influencer, small business, ecommerce, social media manager, podcast, online coach or entrepreneur.

  • Capri Squarespace Template

    Capri is a trendy Squarespace Template for wedding, fashion, portrait photographers, as well as planners, and other vendors.

    Capri’s intricate design details will turn your website into a truly mesmerizing browsing experience.

    Movement? Check. Sophisticated and editorial vibes?

    Check. An online shop to sell your work? Also check. If you’re looking for a great design that is also functional – Capri is for you.

  • $299.00

    Odessa is a modern and clean Squarespace Template created with multi passionate entrepreneurs in mind.

    Whether you’re a photographer, business coach, content creator, someone who runs a studio or sells courses.

    This template provides the ultimate storefront to display all your offerings. Its sophisticated typography, refined layouts and bold character give your brand an instantly polished vibe that your clients will absolutely love.

  • $150.00

    Evergreen is a colorful, yet elegant Squarespace 7.1 sales page template.

    It’s not your average template – made specifically for existing websites, it installs on your site as is without hurting the website’s original styles.

    Use 15+ friendly sections to present your offer in detail!

    This template is perfect for any creative blogger, influencer, small business, ecommerce, social media manager, podcast, online coach or entrepreneur.

  • $299.00

    Florence is Squarespace template for the service-based online entrepreneurs who is ready to share their services with the world and start booking clients.

    A boss-babe who’s on top of all her projects. A lady of many talents, who brings chic and style into every page of her website. Is this you?

    Then you’ll love Florence! It was tailored for bold content creators, ambitious educators and brands who love to set trends.

    Its clean and refined layouts, fine typography and editorial vibes will help you present your brand, your expertise and products, in the most elegant and polished way.