Squarespace Business

  • Gusto Squarespace Template

    Gusto is a modern & minimalistic Squarespace Template is designed for coaches, consultants, social media managers, virtual assistants, and all service-based business owners to attract & book more clients!

    Take the hassle out of creating a website with this fully designed, yet entirely customizable template.

  • $299.00

    The Yogi is a Squarespace Template intended for yoga, breath work or meditation teachers who want to sell digital as well as live classes.

    It’s a modern, clean design that features tons of page options and easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you customize it for your business.

    The warm tones and timeless feel are a great way to attract your ideal clients.

  • June Squarespace Template

    A girl boss, strong, independent woman type of design, meant to charm, cheer and intrigue website visitors, through its dynamic, modern layouts.

    June is a Squarespace Template for the stylish, fun and empowering business ladies.

    It will beautifully highlight a photography portfolio, a fashion or lifestyle blog, and the website of a YouTuber or a Podcaster.

  • Mystical Mama Squarespace Template

    The Mystical Mama is a service-based website template intended for the astrologist, life coach, or spiritual woman.

    It’s dark, soulful, and a bit moody! The template itself is completely customizable, so you can adjust everything to suit your business and really make it your own.

    Are you ready to take your business to the next level and bring joy and success to your clients?

    If yes, check out this Squarespace Template designed with coaches in mind.

  • Spirit Seeker Squarespace Kit

    The Spirit Seeker is a service-based Squarespace Template intended for the spiritual entrepreneur such as coaches, healers, or wellness professionals.

    It’s a modern design that’s perfect for the business owner who wants to offer virtual services.

  • $299.00

    Adventure seekers and nature lovers, this design was made for you.

    If you want to turn your website into an exciting journey for your couples – choose Böreal.

    Its playful layouts, earthy aesthetics, and moody vibes make it the perfect website template for elopement, destination wedding photographers, travel videographers, as well as zesty coaches and educators.

  • $199.00

    Crust is a funny and colorful Squarespace Template created for foodie bloggers and restauranteurs.

    This awesome template comes with more space for images, so if you have a lot of photos of your restaurant or your food, then this template may work well for you.

    It uses bright colors and an eye-catching graphics which alternates between text and images.

    The highly intuitive layout allows you to organize food categories, delicious items with pictures and add-ons and add promotion deals and start selling online to attract more clients.

  • Tuscany Squarespace Template

    Tuscany is a refined and elegant design that will make your website look like an exquisite art gallery.

    Focused on vertical imagery, asymmetric layouts and gracefully overlapping texts.

    Tuscany will perfectly highlight fine-art, portrait and editorial photography work, as well as the portfolios of luxury event designers and other wedding vendors.

    To help you customize the template, you also get step-by-step video tutorials.

  • $199.00

    Booklet is bold, minimal and modern Squarespace Template for coaches or other service-based businesses.

    This premium design offers an editorial layout with plenty of space for photography and copy.

    Make a few small changes, or take complete control and build a totally custom website design without touching a single line of code.