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  • Manhattan Squarespace Template copy

    Manhattan is a minimal and beautiful Squarespace Template designed for a premium e-commerce experience.

    Inspired by the sophistication of New York and tailored for luxury interior design and furniture shops, Manhattan blends contemporary aesthetics with advanced functionality to create a seamless shopping journey for your customers.

    With a visually stunning layout, high-quality imagery, and refined typography, Manhattan ensures your products and collections are presented elegantly. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive, interactive flow provide effortless navigation, while enhanced e-commerce capabilities handle high-end transactions smoothly.


  • $299.00

    Spark Course is an all-in-one Squarespace Template, where you can design, promote, and host your course with a warm, hip and modern style.

    This chic, sophisticated, and funny template is ideally suited for coaches, podcasters, course creators, service-based businesses, eCommerce businesses, educators, designers and entrepreneurs.

    It empowers you with a captivating website that truly stands out.


  • Modern Wave Squarespace Template

    Modern Wave is a modern and funny Squarespace Template perfect for therapists, counselors, and other service-based businesses.

    This template is so beautiful and professional, it’ll make your competitors jealous.

    It’s got all the pages and sections you need to promote your coaching services.


  • Modern Wave Squarespace Template

    Precious Moments is a timeless and elegant Squarespace Template created for photographers, event planners and videographers.

    It´s thoughtfully designed to help you showcase your portfolio and gain new clients.

    While initially designed for photographers in mind, this squarespace website template is equally suited for coaches, content creators, and creative business owners.


  • Fitness Squarespace Template

    Fitness is a modern and creative Squarespace Template designed for fitness or health coaches, personal trainers, pilates instructor , yoga teacher, fitness studio, or any service based business owner that wants to stand out with a beautiful, modern and colorful website.

    Easily edit this beautifully designed Squarespace template with your business’ style and create a website that turns visitors into clients.


  • The Sonoma Squarespace Template

    The Sonoma is a beutifull and minimal Squarespace Template that elegantly combines sophistication and ease.

    It’s ideal for brands seeking to project an image that’s both refined and approachable, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth.

    Whether you’re a business coach, creative, virtual assistant, social media manager, or influencer, this Squarespace Template is crafted to elevate your online visibility with style and ease.


  • The Portland Squarespace Template

    The Portland is a Squarespace template specially designed for the movers and shakers of the real estate industry.

    This awesome template is inspired by the progressive spirit of its namesake city, offers a modern and vibrant design ideal for showcasing properties and engaging with clients.

    It’s built with real estate agents in mind but its flexibility allows it to fit into any industry with minor adjustments.


  • Velentine Rose Squarespace Template copy

    Looking for a modern and professional Squarespace template to take your coaching business to the next level?

    Valentina Rose is a cool and beautiful Squarespace Template crafted to encourage bookings, grow your email list, showcase your services and attract your ideal clients!

    It’s great for anyone from fashionistas and e-commerce titans to bloggers but the real beauty comes in when you take this one-of-a-kind design and make it your own.


  • $280.00

    Uluwatu is minimal Photographer Squarespace Template crafted for photographers, small businesses, and designers seeking to make a lasting impression.

    Uluwatu boasts a universal appeal, making it ideal for any creative business.

    Its light and fresh theme exudes an inviting atmosphere, with a harmonious blend of soothing beige and rejuvenating green. With its versatile design and captivating aesthetic, this Premium Squarespace template ensures that your website will stand out and leave a lasting impression.

    This Squarespace template is fully customizable and it can be edited to match your brand perfectly.