Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress
When we have already decided to create our blog, or our online store, we have a question, which platform to use.

In this post we are going to give you a few reasons why you should use WordPress. In the market there are other options that we will talk about.

WordPress is Free

WordPress is free software, so we can download, install, test it, and we can modify its code, since it has an open source code.

This is quite important, since it gives us the possibility to use WordPress, there are payment platforms that give the option of a free trial.

This is a point in favor, especially if we do not have a very large initial budget, we must bear in mind that we will have to buy a domain and a hosting service.

Customize With A Lot Of Themes

Considering that the majority of new (and not new) WordPress users are not programmers or web designers, the possibility of having thousands of themes and plugins is very attractive.

This is a perfect solution, no matter the theme of our website, or store, or blog, we will always have a theme with a design that we can use.

The WordPress repository has thousands of themes, so it will be very difficult for us not to find one that will solve the design.

Already if we have design knowledge, since these themes are also open source, we can modify them until we get what we need.

We also have an infinity of paid themes, themes that are already more professional, and that for only about $ 50 can save us many hours of work.

Here you can find some of the best premium Themes Premium Themes

Add Functionality With Plugins

What sets WordPress apart from the rest is the number of plugins that can improve our functionality.

Once we have everything assembled, our WordPress installed, our design ready, now we have to start thinking about what plugins we are going to use to improve the functionality of our site.

We have plugins to create backups of our site, contact forms, image galleries, security of our site, make our site multilanguage, and practically for everything we may need, we have a plugin.

Like the themes, we have free plugins and paid plugins, the paid plugins are more specialized and offer us incredible solutions for our site.

SEO Friendly

Google likes WordPress, and this is something to keep in mind, since we will want to position ourselves as high as possible in searches.

Sites that have WordPress, tend to rank high, built with the best coding techniques, help make it work.

We will also need the help of third parties, because positioning on the internet is very difficult to achieve, and for that there are professionals dedicated to SEO.

To help us achieve the best positioning we have plugins like Yoast SEO, an easy to optimize plugin, and without the need to generate code. Simply by configuring some basic settings the plugin takes care of the rest.

We will follow the advice that the plugin gives us, the SEO will be fine-tuned until we get that it is good.

WordPress Is Easy To Use.

WordPress makes the task of creating a website very simple, making it work, in a very fast way, and making it look professional.

Another of its characteristics is that WordPress has a very fast learning curve. Without any kind of programming knowledge, we can easily manage it.

If we have just started in this wonderful world of creating our own blog, or store, or a personal website, do it immediately and without having any prior knowledge, WordPress is the best option.

Support Community

WordPress is the most used platform in the world, and this has one of the most important points in favor, and therefore they make it the most recommended.

With so many people using this platform, the amount of guides, tutorials, post, videos, is immense, any question we have will be resolved, since it would have been raised previously by another person with almost total security.

Many people have blogs dedicated exclusively to posting WordPress tutorials, and there are plenty of dedicated WordPress support forums as well, as well as helpful video tutorials for beginners.

As we have seen in this post, WordPress is one of the best options to get introduced to the world of blogs, online stores, or to create our own site.

It is easy to use, quick to install, so that in a few hours we can have our business on the web.

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