The Best Domain Extension

The Best Domain Extension
One of the most important things, when we are going to acquire our domain, is to choose the extension.

The extension is what appears after the dot after our domain name.

If you have not yet chosen your domain name, read

In our case, we use the .com, but Wikipedia uses the .org extension for example.

The first extensions that were launched were .com, .net and .org, and to this day, they are still the most popular.

Over time, new ones were added, for example, for each country, such as .es for Spain, .uk for the United Kingdom, or .de for Germany.

If for example we have a small business that only works locally, for example, in London, the best option for them to find the business would be to use .uk.

There have also been many more extensions that we are going to talk about, some like .tv, .shop, .community or .online.

What Is Our Website Dedicated To?

When we already have a domain name that is related to our activity, we will need an extension that does too.

If, for example, our website is for a government organization, we will choose the extension .gov for example.

In the case that our site is a school or a university, the best extension would be .edu for example.

If we have a website where we want to be found globally, we will choose .com, locally .de (Germany) for example.

Other Domain Extensions

.com extension: (“Comercial” .com) is the most used domain extension on the internet. Commercial comes from commerce, which is what it was intended for, to e-commerce sites.

But that was in the beginning, now that extension is the default, and it is preferred by most companies and personal pages.

.net extension: The second most popular extension on the .net, right now a wild card, since many companies that cannot use .com because it is already taken.

But at first, this extension was intended for companies specialized in networks, internet service providers, email services …

.net is a good option for us if we have a type of company dedicated to the internet, but not if we sell mattresses, for example.

.org extension: To distinguish companies from non-profit organizations, foundations, religious websites, educational services or open source software projects, the .org extension was launched.

When we see this extension, we should know right away that the organization behind it is not commercial.

.biz extension: This extension is an acronym for company, and is intended for any commercial site, similar to other extensions such as .com or .net

Restricted for commercial and e-commerce websites, this extension is less well known, it can confuse our clients, making it cheaper than a .com.

.co extension: When .com had eaten up almost all domain names, relatively recently, they decided to remove this extension to increase the market.

It is very similar to .com and .net, making it one of the most popular extensions for companies.

We can see this extension combined many times with the code of a country, such as a

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