The Best Effects For Divi

The Best Effects For Divi

Animations and effects for Divi is things most wanted in Divi. The world of Divi is full of possibilities, in addition to having many helps, among them, these Divi-Den bundles, which contain the best effects for Divi, encapsulated in its modules and sections. It is a great help, because not everyone is a designer, or is an expert in JavaScript, or CSS, and with these bundles you just have to add the section you like best.

We can have at your fingertips the tools to become something differential, we can make our website stand out, make it more enjoyable, and as designers, we will offer our clients many configuration possibilities.

Divi is an Elegant Themes theme that came to be a great success due to its drag & drop visual constructor and for having great SEO. Due to this success, Elegant Themes is updating it regularly.
What we buy or create are Divi child themes, having to have the main theme installed.

Pixie Bundle

The Bubdle Pixie has an elegant and stylish design, created for new entrepreneurs who want to give an image of distinction and seriousness. In addition, the bundle includes from icons to business cards, to powerpoint presentations, not forgetting creative briefs and design contracts as a starter the Pixie has 19 Business Tools designed and ready to use.

pixie bundle effects 1
pixie bundle effects 2

Pixie Bundle Contains

  • Full web design UI Kit
  • The Pixie Assistant Plugin
  • Divi Page Layout Packs
  • Fully Editable PSDs
  • Json Files

Divi Layout Packs

  • 93 módulos que son:
  • 3 módulos de blog
  • 12 módulos de Blurb
  • 3 Módulos de llamada a la acción
  • 3 módulos de formularios de contacto
  • 26 módulos de contenido
  • 3 módulos optin de correo electrónico
  • Módulos de 6 pies de página
  • 10 módulos de encabezado
  • 5 módulos de contador de números
  • Módulos de 7 personas
  • 3 módulos de tablas de precios
  • 1 pestañas de valor
  • 9 módulos testimoniales
  • 2 Módulo de cartera filtrable
  • Paquete de página preconstruido
  • 20 diseños de página Divi

Bonuses (19 Business Tools)

  • 5 letterhead templates (MS Word Doc)
  • 4 business card designs – (PSD)
  • 1 branding mockup – (PSD)
  • 1 powerpoint – 36 Slides – (MS Word Doc)
  • 2 creative brief templates. 1 x logo and 1x website – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 proposal template – 10 pages – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 sitemap template – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 invoice template – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 web design contract – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 quote template – (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
  • 2 pre-development web design checklists – (MS Word Doc)
  • Social media sharing templates. See breakdown below.
  • 30 Facebook card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Instagram card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Pinterest card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Twitter card templates – (PSD)
  • Icons – 105 custom made icons – (PSD/SVG/PNG)

Falkor Bundle

A bundle full of incredible animations and effects that will give your website the look you need to attract your readers or customers, whether you have a blog or a shop.
If you want an attractive and professional look for your website, Falkor bundle could be your solution.

Falkor Bundle Contains

  • Full web design UI Kit with 78 premade Divi modules
  • The Falkor Assistant Plugin for easy installation & updates
  • Divi Page Layouts 15 complete pages
  • 93 x PSD’s files for all layouts (editable, layered and named)
  • Json Divi library files for all page layouts

Divi Layout Packs

5 x Unique Homepage Layouts.

  • Red accented homepage
  • Yellow accented homepage
  • Blue accented homepage
  • Magenta accented homepage
  • Green accented homepage

10 x Inside Content Pages.

  • Team landing page
  • Team detail page
  • How we work page
  • Primary content page
  • About us timeline page
  • About us slider page
  • Case study page
  • Services modern page
  • Services price page
  • Contact us page

78 x Premade Divi Modules.

  • Divi blog module (4)
  • Divi blurb module (22)
  • Divi call to action module (3)
  • Divi contact form module (2)
  • Divi content module (14)
  • Divi footer module (6)
  • Divi header module (8)
  • Divi logo module (2)
  • Divi number counter module (3)
  • Divi person module (3)
  • Divi pricing tables module (3)
  • Divi slider module (2)
  • Divi testimonial module (6)


  • 6 business cards layouts
  • 12 page business/project proposal layout PSD template

Pegasus Bundle

Give more color to your website, change the look, you have all the tools with Pegasus bundle, you can show your customers, your readers, your visits, a simple site but with a pleasant tone.

Pegasus has some awesome home page Divi Layouts and a range of inner pages that will let you build any style website without any hassles. The Divi Modules have some truly funky styles and some amazing on hover animations to give your website pages some buzz.

Divi-Den with this bundle also gives us business tools are 80 lovely icons, 90 social media sharing images for use with twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram. There’s a great powerpoint presentation that can be re-imagined into any subject matter. Included are 9 perspective mockups, 3 x 3D mockups, 1 logo mockup, a print brochure in the traditional z-fold or 3-fold style and a full branding document

Pegasus Bundle Contains

  • Full web UI Kits with 22 Divi Page Layouts
  • 92 premade Divi Modules
  • The Pegasus Assistant Plugin for easy installation & updates
  • 114 x PSD files for all layouts (editable, layered and named)
  • Json Divi library files for all page layouts
  • Works with The Divi Den on Demand plugin
  • 9 x Bonus items for the business side of web design

Divi Layout Packs

  • Premade Divi Page Layouts, homepages (8), inner pages (14) making the total (22)
  • Divi Blog Layouts (7)
  • Divi Contact Form Modules (2)
  • Divi Blurbs Modules (16)
  • Divi Call to Action Modules (8)
  • Divi Content Modules (18)
  • Divi Footer Modules (6)
  • Divi Header Modules (9)
  • Divi Person Modules (5)
  • Divi Portfolio Modules (9)
  • Divi Pricing Table Module (1)
  • Divi Slider Modules (4)
  • Divi Tab Module (1)
  • Divi Testimonial Modules (6)


  • 80 x Custom Made Icons – psd/svg/png
  • 90 x Social Media Sharing Image Templates – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
  • 1 x Business Cards Mockup
  • 1 x Powerpoint Presentation with 32 Slides in Pegasus Style
  • 9 x Perspective Website Mockups
  • 3 x 3D Mockups
  • 1 x Logo Mockup
  • 3-Fold Brochure (Z-Fold)
  • 1 x Branding Doc

Sigmund Bundle

In this case, with Sigmund bundle, divi-den presents us with a somewhat more youthful design, perhaps far from more serious designs, oriented to young people, but without neglecting that it is a multipurpose bundle.

It’s an easy task to replace text and images as well as changing the color scheme.

It is a simple bundle, perhaps not to overwhelm the visitor with animations and effects for Divi, but with the right design to make it stand out from the rest.

Sigmund Bundle Contains

Page Layouts – 17 pages.

  • 2 Home pages
  • 2 About me
  • 3 About us
  • 1 Services
  • 2 Team
  • 1 Blog Landing page
  • 1 Pricing
  • 1 Contact me
  • 3 Contact us
  • 1 Our Office

Modules – 49 modules.

  • 10 Divi Blurbs
  • 10 Divi Headers
  • 5 Divi Contact
  • 5 Divi Person
  • 3 Divi Call to Action
  • 1 Divi Blog
  • 2 Divi Portfolio
  • 1 Divi Accordion
  • 3 Divi Content
  • 1 Divi Tabs
  • 2 Divi Pricing Tables
  • 2 Divi Sliders
  • 4 Divi Testimonials

CoCo Bundle

Coco is a bundle of effects and animations and a simple design, although it gives a feeling of being very well achieved and structured, with a predilection for slider, and without leaving its multipurpose character.

Nice tones, beautiful transitions, although we can easily edit all that, as in the rest of the bundles we have seen.

Sigmund Bundle Contains

Divi Homepage Layouts.

  • 9 beautiful all-purpose page layouts. Use for any business or for private use

Divi Inner Page Layouts.

  • 1 x Divi Contact Page Layout
  • 1 x Divi About Page Layout
  • 2 x Divi WooCommerce general product and link to inner product page
  • 2 x Divi Pricing Page Layout
  • 1 x Divi Complex Services Page Layout
  • 1 x Divi Simple Services Page Layout
  • 1 x Divi Landing Page Layout – Get a Quote
  • 1 x Divi Landing Page Layout- Email Optin
  • 1 x Divi Clean Contact Page Layout
  • 1 x Divi About Us History Page Layout

Divi Modules.

  • 21 x Divi Sliders and Divi Headers Modules
  • 7 x Divi Blurb Modules
  • 8 Divi Pricing Table Modules
  • 2 Divi Email Optin & Forms Modules
  • 9 Divi Footer Modules
  • 9 Divi Testimonial Modules
  • 21 Divi Content Modules
  • 5 Divi Person Modules
  • 2 Divi Shop Modules
  • 5 Divi Call to Action Modules
  • 1 Divi Portfolio Module

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