Tips Before Starting A Blog

Tips Before Starting A Blog
When we already have an idea to create a blog is a great step. A bigger step is to start putting it on the web.

We know that many people can visit it, read it, share it, your words will run free all over the world.

Well, that many people read, visit or share it, it really depends on many factors, because it is not just writing and waiting for success, you have to work hard.

In this post we are going to explain some tips to keep in mind, and that our blog may have some relevance. This is going to be hard, daily work.

We are going to think that we already know who we are going to write about, that we already know what our niche is, We are going to start from there, since we assume that if we want to start a blog, we already know what we are going to talk about.

Choose The Name

The name of the blog is one of the most important things that we are going to face, since it will be known to us.

It is important that this name is descriptive, so users will know immediately what our blog is about.

One tip is to write down the keywords related to the topic of our blog, if for example our blog talks about “recipes”, we can use words such as desserts, ingredients, cooking, delicious, yummi, …

The next thing will be to search for a domain, for this there are quite a few companies that can help us. The best are and Namecheap.

More information in How To Choose The Best Domain Name

Choose A Platform

We have to think about which platform we want to work on, there are several options, such as Blogger, but we have to ask ourselves, will this platform support our blogging goals long term?

We will answer quickly, no, these types of platforms are fine if you want to start and do not have much knowledge, but it will really outnumber us in a short time, and you have to think about SEO.

In this case, we are going to recommend a content management system that allows us to create a blog and manage its content. In this case we have very interesting options, like WordPress or Squarespace.

Choose Web Hosting

This step is very important, since it will take us a lot of research time.

We can consult many forums, read reviews, everything we need to be able to choose the best option.

We have to take into account several factors, such as the type of hosting, if they use an SSD, if it is going to be a shared host, the storage size.

All this data can be easily seen on the websites of the companies that offer hosting services, but there are other details that we need to know.

We will read these details in reviews, in forums, and it will be, how good is the customer service, how fast the technical service responds and solves our faults, and how fast that host is.

There are free hosts, but if we take our blog seriously, since it will take a lot of work, we will flee from them, since their SEO is very bad, and users will not take us seriously when they see our domain, domain that we gives the host itself.

If we want seriousness, we will buy a host, there are many prices, not because it is expensive it will be better, not because it is cheap it will be worse.

We recommend SiteGround and

SEO Optimization

We have to keep in mind that, if we want to make our blog take off and prosper, we have to do a lot of SEO work.

SEO will help search engines index our blog and gain positions to be at the top, if not, we will be invisible on the internet.

The best tool is the Yoast SEO plugin, if we are using WordPress, it is a great help for the optimization of our blog.

For more information you can visit How To Install And Set Up Yoast SEO

Other Tips

The most important thing has already been said, but there are other details that we should take into account when creating and maintaining our blog.

Email List

One of the things that we have to take into account is that many users are going to visit our blog, because they are interested in some post, but then they will forget and will not visit us again.

But we have the possibility of creating a mailing list, our visitor will only have to leave their email, and we will regularly send them an email with the new posts, the news, so we will make them return to our blog.

Many plugins can help us, if we are using WordPress, in this post you can find some 5+ Best Email Marketing Alternatives To Mailchimp


We don’t want to lose our job, it’s obvious, but many times we don’t think about this until it’s too late.

In some host accommodations they offer us the possibility of making backup copies, but sometimes this type of backup does not cover our needs, because they are made weekly.

Our installation may suffer an attack, or be corrupted in some way, so we need a backup.

For that we have a solution, Best WordPress Backup Plugins

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