User Generated Content in WordPress to Grow Your Business

User Generated Content in WordPress to Grow Your Business

Today we talk about the importance of user generated content in WordPress.

We have already published our website, we have generated content through posts, products if we have an online store, all for a position in the search engines.

We also have another way of generating content, and that is what our visitors generate, and in this post we are going to explain different ways in which users can do it.

What exactly is user generated content?

The content generated by the user, is all hint that a user leaves on our website, comments, guest blog posts, user reviews, testimonials, among other visible content that is sent by users.

This content that users leave us is quite important, not only in view of the positioning that this helps our website, but also, makes our website have more impact on the network.

And this is as simple as showing visitors to our website that users participate, expressing opinions, commenting on posts, and this adds value to our own content, makes our site look more alive, builds trust.

If we make a user participate in our website, through activities, comments, reviews, in addition to generating content, we make users spend more time browsing our site.

Finally, let’s understand this concept of user-generated content with a clear example, social networks, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, are platforms where all content really comes from users, and its success is palpable.

Now we are going to develop some of the ways that we have already discussed on how to make users leave us content.


Let’s start with the main tool we have to generate content through our users, and this is the comments.

WordPress offers us this option for all our publications, but we must not forget to activate it, since this tool can be activated or deactivated.

User feedback increases the content on our site, as well as making it more useful to end users. It helps to increase user participation, users who see that our posts are commented on generates trust, and makes users spend more time on our site.

If for some reason our site does not have a blog, we should consider creating one. A blog is a very important tool when it comes to generating traffic and attracting users.


In the case of having an online store, the reviews that buyers leave without extra content, and users usually leave this type of review to talk about the product they just bought.

This builds the confidence of potential buyers who visit our store. The vast majority of online stores post customer reviews on their site. This will increase the credibility of our store.

And let’s not forget about search engines, search engines love reviews, which are often highlighted in search results. Let’s not forget that a good product review makes a potential customer visit our store.

This can be used as a double-edged sword, as positive reviews help us sell more products, and negative reviews can scare visitors, but they help us know which product is not working, and in that case we can remove it from our store.


A great tool that helps us generate content is testimonials. In addition to content, they generate confidence in potential buyers, being a very effective marketing strategy.

For users to share their experiences is a strategy to add social evidence on our website. We will ask our users, buyers, if they want to share their experience, and we will publish their testimonials.

A testimonial is the closest thing to a user’s opinion, in this case a short message about a product, or a service that we have offered to our client.

Adding testimonials in WordPress is very simple, in addition, we have many free plugins that will facilitate the work of creating and publishing them on our website, like Testimonial Rotator.

Guest Posts

It may seem strange, but we can make a user write posts on our blog. This is known as guest blogging, and is beneficial to both us and the guest.

How does it benefit us? We are going to obtain high-quality content, since these publications will be requested from users specialized in the subject matter that we are dealing with, and the author of the guest publication gets exposure and backlinks.

At first this practice may be difficult for us to use, since to attract quality authors, our site will have to have some kind of visibility, and make it attractive to future guests.

In order for guests to write and edit publications on our site, we will need some kind of tool. It is ruled out to create a guest user in our WordPress, since we do not want anyone to have access to our WordPress administration area.

WPForms is a plugin that will help us in this case, as it allows us to easily accept user-submitted posts on our website using a frontend submission form without having to provide login credentials. These posts are stored as drafts, which you can then review and post.

Video Content

In this case, we can use a platform like YouTube to attract visitors. Now it is easier to use this type of platform where to upload our videos. Of course, you have to know how to create them, as a point against.

We can create a video to show a product, a service, the image of our company.

Before we have commented, that social networks really live from the content of users, in this case the same thing happens with videos on YouTube.

YouTube for its part gets content, and we for our part get visibility.

WordPress offers us the possibility of inserting YouTube videos on our page or publication.

These are the best ways to receive user-generated content, we could also talk about social networks, but we will leave that for a future chapter.

If you have not yet started creating your WordPress website, you can read our article Create Your Website With WordPress

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