How To Add Google Maps Whitout API Key

How To Add Google Maps Whitout API Key

In this post we will give you the guidelines to add a map to your website. Since June 11, 2018, an API key is now required for Google Maps, a paid API, the question is, how to add Google Maps without API key?

The good news, unless you generate a lot of traffic, will be free. Even so, Google gives you $ 200 monthly to cover your expenses, so it is most likely that you get your API key free.
The prices.

google maps api price

However, many people do not feel like signing up, giving their information, they will ask for billing information and your card number.

google maps sing up

Maybe your website is not going to have excessive traffic, and you don’t want to complicate your life. You have an alternative if you do not want to use a plugin to create Google maps in WordPress, you can do it manually.

If you just want to integrate a map and you don’t need functionality, such as custom location markers or other annotations, you can integrate Google Maps without a plugin.

Add Google Maps in WordPress without a Plugin

The first thing we are going to do is open our web browser and open to the Google Maps page.

Enter the address you want to use on your website, it can be the address of your company and click on search.

Add Google Maps Without Api Key - Step 1

The address you entered will appear on the map with a mark. Now we are going to click on the “share” icon, or click on hamburguer menu icon -> Share or embed map.

Add Google Maps Without Api Key - Step 2

Now we will open a new window where we will select “Embed a map”, and we can even choose the size we want. Once finished, click on the Copy HTML button to copy the integration code.

Add Google Maps Without Api Key - Step 3

Now, all you have to do is add the integration code to your WordPress site in the article or page where you want to include your map. Once you have added the code, you can return to the Visual tab to see a live preview of your map.

Add Google Maps Without Api Key - Step 4

If you want to create your website, you can check our Create Your Website With WordPress post.

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